Is Calvinism Bibiblcal?

holy-bibleThe Doctrines of Grace have been a glorious and world shattering discovery for us. We feel that these precious truths have truly allowed us to see the biblical teaching of God and man in a systematic way. God’s Sovereignty and holiness are accented to their proper place, man’s depravity is manifested in its truest sense, the atonement is seen in its perfection and God’s power is manifested in His elective purposes, in true regeneration and in bringing saints to glory. We have been so affected by these doctrines that we have a special section on this website devoted to materials relating to them. While these truths are so clearly seen in scripture, there are still those who would argue that the systematic understanding of God’s salvation is unbiblical.

I saw this article written by Steve Hays in which he presents an overview of the bible from Genesis to Revelation demonstrating that the bible does in fact teach the theology that is found in what is often referred to as Calvinism. I thought it might be worthwhile to share with those who had perhaps not seen it. Hays does a good job in presenting text after text and commenting of the proper interpretation of these texts. enjoy!


Some Thoughts on The Newtown Tragedy

shootingsat2_20121215103202_320_240It would be almost impossible to not have heard about the tragedy that took place in Newtown Conneticut where a young man entered into an elementary school and murdered a total of 28 people including 20 small children. It is without question one of most heinous killings that we can imagine of happening simply due to the victims. There are many parents today who have lost their world and their lives will never be the same. I do not generally comment on current news events but merely  offer my condolenses and prayers to the victims of this tragedy. The reason for my brief comments is that I feel for these parents seeing that I have three small children myself and two of them being in elementary school. It is difficult to understand why these things happen and quite honestly everyone seems to be arguing about all sorts of political issues whether gun control, better security or even better programs for people with mental illnesses. I am not opposed to discussing these things since I think they will all need to be addressed in their due time but not today.

One thing that I did noticed that is prevalent in the news media is the blaming of God in all this tragedy. The question “Why didn’t God stop this?” or “Why would God allow this?” has been in the news as much as the gun control controversy. Obviously, our “free thinker” friends are all over this and I have heard statements to the regard that if God allowed this to happen or didn’t stop it, then He is either an awefully apathetic God or He doesn’t exist. In other words, God couldn’t do anything because He doesn’t exist or He just doesn’t care. Some Christians have replied to these statements by stating that God had been taken out of the schools hence why would He bother with the schools and all sort of other similar comments have been made. The question that the news medias are asking, even though I believe it is based upon an attempt to ridicule or paint christians and their God as irrelevant, are still good questions. Why would God allow this? It is a difficult question to answer especially in light of God’s Sovereignty over all things and events.

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