Answering Jihad

I found this video presentation from Nabeel Qureshi and I wanted to share it with my readers. I’ve been reading his latest book on the subject which is a very informative and balanced view of what is Jihah and also what impacts it. This video provides some of the same information found in the book.

Jesus the Son of God Book Review

jesus-the-son-of-god-a-christological-title-often-overlooked-sometimes-misunderstood-and-currently-disputedWhat does the bible mean when it refers to Jesus Christ as the Son of God? There are varying opinions that have surfaced in the history of Christianity and the discussion continues even in our generation. Many theologians have written on the subject from the perspective of the Trinity and the purpose of the coming of the Son of God as well as the pre-existence of the Son. Few however have really delved into a biblical study of the usage of this title.

While many works tend to focus on the title “Son of God” in the grander view of the Trinity, D.A. Carson has given us this important book Jesus the Son of God: A Christological Title Often Overlooked, Sometimes Misunderstood, and Currently Disputed (To purchase in Moncton, please go here) focusing entirely on the title Son of God. The book was published by Crossway in 2012 and is approximately 108 pages in length spreadout into three chapters.

Carson begins the book with a survey of the shorter version of the term in the usage of “son of” in scripture. He points out that the term “son of” without a modifier generally refers to a biological son. With this in mind, this is not the only sense the title has. Carson explains that the title “son of” is used in a metaphorical sense as well (son of a bow, sons of thunder). It also takes on an indicative reference of who has trained an individual or a reference to your master (Son of the devil) or can even signify your trade (sons of the singers). Carson brings out that in this study that the term “son of” can also demonstrate the heir of a promise and it is not always biological. The Sons of Abraham were heirs by faith not by physical hereditary entitlement (Galatians 3:7). Carson has some really interesting information on the translation of the title “son of” and how in some modern translations it can sometimes be muddied with an over emphasis on a translational methodology called dynamic equivalency. This will become important in his argumentation in the 3rd chapter.

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Yahweh, The God of Jonah is Not So Easily Defeated! A Letter to the Caliph…

10352892_676838999063200_6984956955762787648_nOne of the most shocking events in recent days has been the exodus of thousands of Christians in Iraq. Christians in this city were told to convert to Islam, pay a huge tax or face death by an Islamic terrorist group called ISIS. This was put in place by their caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is the leader of these terrorist persecutors. This city of Mosul has had a Christian witness for over 1600 years and once had 60,000 Christians as early as 2003. Today there is not a Christians left in this city! Those Christians who have survived have fled the city and are pilgrims trying to find refuge.  ISIS also destroyed the famous tomb of Jonah in Mosul which was said to be the burial ground of Jonah of what used to be called Nineveh. This act was an attempt to desecrate a figure in Judeo-Christian scripture.

I saw this letter written by Tim Keesee on the Desiring God blog today. It is a powerful letter written directly to the Caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi . I was so taken by Keesee’s letter that I felt it almost necessary to post it for my readers. It really reflects the differences between those men we see attempting to praise their god and those who have the God of Jonah as their God.  Please take the time to read this short letter and pray for our brothers and sisters who are being driven from their homes and murdered by these men.

One of the last paragraphs truly lays out the essence of the difference.

Some days ago, your sledgehammer-swinging and explosive-detonating disciples destroyed the tomb of the prophet Jonah. The God of Jonah, whose name was first proclaimed there in Nineveh by Jonah, is nothing like the god you claim to kill for. Jonah’s God, the only God, showed grace to his enemies in Nineveh. God’s mercy would later reach its greatest, deepest, widest expression in his Son Jesus Christ, whose death and resurrection forever secured life for all who come to him — even you, if you would come.

My “What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an” Book Review

cover27901-mediumWe live in a generation where anyone who has the ability to watch any news media cannot escape hearing about Islam. Since 9/11, coverage of the “fastest growing religion” has been frequent and constant in our society with no end in sight.  There is even a small group of Muslim’s who gather in the Moncton area as well and hence there is an opportunity for Christians to meet and share their faith with those of the Islamic faith.

It is tremendously important to know where we stand on the subject of Islam and how they differ from the Christian faith. We have often heard individuals ask “do not Muslims and Christians worship the same god?” The answer to that question is no but such an answer will not suffice since we need to give a reasonable explanation as to where they diverge.

There have been numerous volumes written on the subject of Islam especially over the course of the last 10 years or so.  The vast majority of books are written as a general overview of the religion but very few get into any specificity. James White’s book “What Ever Christian Needs to Know about the Qur’an” is a much more focused book dealing explicitly with the teachings of the Qur’an itself especially in regards to what it has to say about the Christian faith.  The book is much more definite than your average “Islam 101” volumes and the average reader will appreciate the specific focus within the book on Islam’s holy scripture.

Dr. White has spent numerous hours examining the Qur’an and the hadiths, researching Islamic sources, debating many well-known Islamic apologists which truly gives him tremendous insight on this faith. The book is nothing short of a well documented resource for anyone wanting a closer look at what Islam has to say about the Christian faith.

The first chapter gives a historical account of Muhammad’s early years, his encounter with the angel Gabriel, how the revelation of the Qur’an to Muhammad was passed down, some important points about his life including his wives, his conquest of mecca and his eventual death. This is a general introduction that serves as a useful background to understanding the historical background of the Qur’an.

In the second chapter, Dr. White explores some relevant points regarding the Qur’an including some of its content, its language and how Muslims view their holy book.

Chapter three includes the primary tenets of the Islamic faith with a special focus upon tawhid (Unitarian monotheism) as well as the Islamic teaching of shirk, mithaq and fitra.

I truly enjoyed chapter four dealing with the Qur’an’s denunciation and unfortunate misrepresentation of the Christian doctrine of the trinity. Dr. White demonstrates that the writer of the Qur’an could not have truly understood the true doctrine of the trinity which places a big question mark on the claims that it was written in eternity by Allah.

Dr. White then moves on in the 5th chapter to go through the Qur’an’s teaching on Jesus Christ. He briefly addresses all 25 instances where the Qur’an speaks of “Jesus, son of Mary” (Isa ibn Mariam). This chapter also deals with the consequences of the Islamic Jesus in regards to the intercessory work of the Lord Jesus. Obviously a whole book could be written in regards to this topic however in the short space dedicated to it, Dr. White manages to give some compelling arguments against the Qur’an’s version of Jesus.

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The “Burn the Qu’ran” Pastor is Going To Get Burned

I had a difficult time believing my eyes when I saw this news article. It seems Pastor Terry Jones, who we all know from the “burn the Qu’ran day” fiasco,  will be debating an Imam from Toronto by the name of Steve Rockwell. Granted that I’m not completely familiar with Pastor Jones, I was able to find some information on his theological training online and I’m tremendously concerned. I’m not convinced that Pastor Jones really knows what he’s getting himself into. I cannot find any information on previous debates that he has done hence I have to conclude that this is his first public debate. The debate topic is based upon the recent film “The Innocense of Muslims” which caused an uproar throughout the Middle East. There are far more important topics that need to be discussed between Muslims and Christians in a public setting and this film is not a priority. This debate is nothing more than an attempt to get people stirred up and for public display. I pray that this debate doesn’t take place and that Pastor Jones will find more biblical ways to “evangelize” Muslims and keep Sharia Law out of North America.

There are those who have experience in debating Muslims that are having far more productive dialogues in order to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the truth of Christianity to them. I feel that these men will give a far better argument for the faith than what Pastor Jones can ever imagine. I would recommend this website if you would like to see debates conducted with respect and integrity for both sides. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only means by which can bring nations together and not ignorant attacks on a faith.