New Covenant Members and Ordinances

imagesURXXMJWHDr. James White preached at the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church over the weekend on the topic of the New Covenant. I thought this sermons would be useful to those who are perhaps wondering what Reformed Baptists believe in regards to who are the members of the New Covenant as well as how the ordinances are for believers only.  Here are two sermons available for download.

The Lord Supper as per Watchtower Theology

Lord supperThere is generally some confusion when a discussion breaks out with a member of the Watchtower Society when discussing the Lord’s Supper since most Christians are not aware of the two-class theology that they insist upon.  Most Christians don’t understand why only some individuals can partake of the Lord’s Supper while others cannot.  I thought I would share this presentation by Mike Felkner on why some “Jehovah’s Witnesses” partake of the Lord’s Supper while others don’t. Mike does a good job in explaining the two-class theology and how this impacts their views on the participation in the remembrance feast.

The Frequency of the Lord’s Supper

Lord supperThe gathering of Christians on Sundays should be a time of great blessing as we fellowship together as God’s Covenant Children . After a long week of being surrounded by the world whether at work or at school, it is always refreshing to meet with people who are of the same mind. It is a time of reflection on our Lord Jesus Christ, joyful fellowship, prayer, teaching and also breaking bread (Acts 2:41-42). These privileges are a part of our life as New Covenant believers which we share together in the power of the Spirit of God. These are blessings left for us to continue in and to be blessed by.

One of these God-honouring privileges as we just mentioned is the breaking of the bread or the Lord’s Supper as many have called it. There has been various views on how the Lord’s Supper should be taken and the nature of the “elements”. This debate goes as far back as to the time of the Reformation and even brought disagreements amongst the reformers. Another point of disagreement between believers and one which is less discussed is the frequency of the Lord’s Supper. How often should believers celebrate the Lord’s Supper? Should this be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even yearly? While many churches today in the Greater Moncton Area and elsewhere celebrate the Lord’s Supper on a monthly basis, there are many reformed brethren who believe that celebrating the Lord’s Supper weekly is much more scriptural. While there is no explicit statements in scripture as to the frequency of the Supper, we believe that there might be some implicit details that demonstrate that partaking on a weekly basis is much more biblically tenable .

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Church Order

140830d1250554586-abandoned-country-church-img_5481-1000-The local church has been minimized over the years by many individuals as a nice to have but not as a necessity. There is seemingly more importance placed on reading the bible rather than living the bible within a covenant community. The often cited excuse for not attending a church is generally geared towards the broad-brushed idea that all churches are corrupt or they are dont’ allow for some leniency in regards to secondary theological issues or practices.

The latter of these reasons is generally due to a lack of understanding about the nature, function and purpose of the church. They enter with an ideology that is based upon their emotions and needs rather than what the scriptural declaration of what the church should do. In other words, they want the church molded to their specifications rather  than the individual being molded to the biblical method of gathering as a church.

There are a number of materials out there as to how the church should conduct itself as a covenant community. Someone recommended to me A Treatise on Church Order by John Dragg. I thought this book was well written and clear on how a church is to function. Mark Dever also has some fantastic materials on his website to address this issue and he has written a number of books on this very topic. While there are certainly things I see a little different than these individuals, I feel that they do a wonderful job at presenting a good base for this often ignored topic. Enjoy!

The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace…Almost Here

??????????????????I have been waiting for this book to be released in Canada for quite some time now and it will finally be made available in January. It is Richard Barcellos’ new book on the Lord’s Supper called “The Lord’s Supper as a means of Grace”. It seems the book is now available in the U.K. and the Confessin’ Baptist has just posted a chapter from the book for all to read. I thought I would share this post with you and recommend picking up the book from either Amazon or by contacting Mike Steeves at Faithful Servant Books. Here is a an overview of the book:

Richard Barcellos’ specific focus is to show us how the Lord’s Supper is a means of grace. His answer is that the Lord’s Supper is a means of grace because of what the Holy Spirit does in the souls of believers when local churches partake of it. “The Spirit effects or enhances present communion between the exalted Redeemer and his pilgrim people on the earth. Or it can be stated this way: the Lord’s Supper is a means of grace through which Christ is present by his divine nature and through which the Holy Spirit nourishes the souls of believers with the benefits wrought for us in Christ’s human nature which is now glorified and in heaven at the right hand of the Father.”

The study is divided under four headings – 1. The terminology connected to the Lord’s Supper in the New Testament. 2. The Biblical data which advocate the Lord’s Supper as a means of grace. 3. The confessional and catechetical formulation of the Lord’s Supper as a means of grace in the reformed tradition and 4. Final Thoughts

The Weekend Question: The Lord’s Supper

When I had originally began this blog I had began posting a series of posts called “The Weekend Question” where I wanted to hear the opinion from my readers as well as strike some discussion on various biblical topics. I thought that I would begin this again. Please feel free to take the poll and leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate on your answer.

Our question this weekend touches upon the topic of the Lord’s Supper.