The Prayer of Intercession

imagesIn this last segment on prayer, we will explore the prayer of intercession. It is the most common and significant prayer offered to God as a means of intervening on behalf of others. This is the prayer in which we approach the great God Yahweh with petitions for important people and items that we are made aware of. It is the time when we strive in prayer for others! While God is omniscience and omnipotent, we make the needs of others know as a means of God blessing others through these prayers. What a glorious God we have that He will intercede on behalf of His people and what a demonstration of love that Christians may show by offering prayer for others.

The prayer of intercession can take on the form of the needs of others. One of the greatest needs any man may have is for their salvation. We should pray very consistently for those who are outside of Christ that God would move in their lives and bring them to faith in His Son. We may pray for family members, friends and especially our enemies that they may find the redemptive love of God and believe the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It may take on the form of a prayer of intercession for someone who is struggling with sin or has grown cold to the faith they once held so mightily.

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The Prayer of Thanksgiving

praying_manOne of the most overlooked yet significant portions of our prayers is to give thanks to the Lord for what He has already provided us. We sometimes become so consumed by our needs that we forget to acknowledge the blessings we are currently experiencing. We must never forget that God’s grace can never be demanded and that we receive many blessings each and every day. While the unbeliever receives blessings as well, we as Christians should be prepared to recognize these blessings and joyously demonstrate our gratitude through offering our gratefulness.

We all have received various blessings from the Lord to which we should show appreciation. One of the greatest blessings we possess is that the holy God has granted us redemption from our sins by sending His only begotten Son to die a sinners death on our behalf. We should thank our Saviour for His willingness to become our substitute and carry our sins to be crucified. We should always be in awe and appreciation for the gift of eternal life. We should thank God for bringing us to the cross by granting us the faith and repentance to come to the Son and that He continues to work in us through the Holy Spirit to bring us to glory. God also molds us in love to be conformed to the image of His Son. God places trials in our life and then grants us the strength and wisdom to persevere through them. Sometimes we see certainly events and uncertainties in our lives as almost unnecessary and too difficult to bare but God has a purpose in them and it is to strengthen us in these trials. We never see God’s face like we do when we are suffering trials.

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The Prayer of Confession

imagesDWB8NT1BThere are many Christian who struggle with the confession of their sins. They conclude that since their sins have been forgiven at the cross that there is no need to further mention their daily sins. While it is true that our sins have totally been dealt with at the cross of Calvary yet we continue to experience our salvation through the process of sanctification. This includes the confession of the sins of God’s people both individually and corporately.

We must own up to our sins and acknowledge them before the living God.  This does not mean we need to hold on to our sins once they are confessed or linger upon them daily but to reserve a time where we present our short falling to God since ultimately He is the One who has been sinned against. (2 Samuel 12:13) We must let these sins go and in doing so we are acknowledging God’s righteousness and being reminded of His mercy towards us since “He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from al unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9) Our time in prayer before a holy God may be hampered if we are keeping these sins. Take a moment to confess your sins daily to the Lord and praise Him for his glorious Son who released us from the debt of these sins through the gift of His life and resurrection.

The Prayer of Adoration


images3KHUL2V2Pondering the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who has given us the breath of life and redeemed us from our bondage to sin to glorify us is a necessity for spiritual growth, blessing and health. This meditation upon God is also a means of entering into prayer especially when we ponder who it is we are praying to.

The attributes of God are many and each can be the focus of many years of examination through biblical study and living as a Christian. Let us, in love and adoration focus our prayers upon:

God as creator: God is the essence of life and being for all that does exist. We owe our very existence to Him and every breath we take each day can be attributed to His sustaining power.

God as Sovereign: God is the king of eternity and sovereign Lord over all the earth. He holds the hearts of kings and rulers in his hand, He rules the nation and especially He is sovereign over the salvation of His people. Without God’s sovereign hand in bringing us to the Son we would still be trapped in our rebellion.

God as immutable: The very security we possess is found in the reality that the God of eternity cannot change. He is the unchanging God whose promises we can find comfort and we can rest in Him as our rock.

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Preparing with Prayer

imagesThere is a sense of real uncertainty about what it is regarding the fall season that tends to cause to feel that a sort of preparation is required for a new beginning that is about to dawn. Most people seem to be able to make new budgets, new bible study plans and new year resolutions for January 1st however our inclination is always to make preparations of sort in the fall. It may be memories of beginning a new school year or perhaps a new employment or better yet, perhaps we just love the fall season but we always tend to think that something is coming. The Lord is sovereign over all things in our lives and our desire in this preparation tends to focus upon His purposes and the strength we require to see them and live them.

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