The Trinity

triquetraThe doctrine of the Trinity can be defined by stating that within the being of the One True God, there are three Persons that exist, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that are co-equal in nature and co-eternal. The three persons have their own functionality within the being in that the Son has taken on a place of subjection to the Father by taking on the form of man in order to accomplish the work of salvation. The Son was perfectly obedient to the righteous requirements of the law and He could only do this by abasing Himself in this way. The Son has two natures mainly the Son is both 100% God and 100% man. He expresses the attributes of both natures.



forgotten-trinityThe Forgotten Trinity (James White) This book is truly where a student of the bible needs to start when wanting to address this important doctrine. Dr. White goes through the biblical texts supporting the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and several important historical and theological arguments. He also interacts with some arguments against his position.

2341017356_277e914e07Putting Jesus in His Place (Robert Bowman Jr.) This book is primarily focused upon substantiating the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bowman uses the acronym “H.A.N.D.S” (honour, attributes, names, deeds, seat) to allow his readers to learn how to affirm and defend this biblical truth.


9780802845597Jesus and the God of Israel (Richard Baucham) Baucham’s book delves into the heart of the debate on the Lord Jesus’ deity by exploring the New Testament teaching of the divinity of Jesus Christ. This is a great read for anyone wanting to understand more about the deity of Christ and also do a thorough study of the doctrine of monotheism.

TrinityThe Trinity: Evidences & Issues (Robert Morey) This book takes us through both the Old Testament and New Testament examining the biblical texts associated with the debate. The book has numerous references to the original languages and for those who do not read Greek or Hebrew, this may become a challenge. There is still much in this book that makes it worthwhile of a read.

Lord Jesus Christ: Devotion to Jesus in Earliest Christianity by Larry Hurtado The Lord Jesus Christ (Larry Hurtado) Hurtado’s masterpiece is not necessarily a book focused upon the doctrine of the Trinity but it is valuable in that it explores the devotions throughout the New Testament and into the progression of the church throughout history. This is a long read but definitely worthwhile when desiring to answer the question: Was Jesus worshipped in the early church?

Pub_LethamTrinityThe Holy Trinity (Robert Letham) Letham brings us a wonderful overview of the Trinity in several areas of study including biblical studies, Historical, Theological and also in worship. Letham truly brings out the impact of subscribing to this precious truth. This book is more scholarly and would suit those students who wish to advance their studies.


416SKB5DF8L__SL210_Jesus as God (Murray J. Harris) Bar none this is the most thorough exegetically focused book on the doctrine of the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ available. Harris examines key texts relating to this teaching through the examination of the original languages and grammar. This is not for your average church goer.


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